As the management and employees of Yüksek İnovasyon Merkezi A.Ş;

Based on the strategies it has created to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders;

  • To be the leading company in the sector to ensure continuous development and improvement with unconditional customer satisfaction in the Special Machinery Manufacturing sector we serve,
  • We will fully implement total quality management in all our units without compromising product and service quality,
  • To understand the wishes, needs and expectations of our customers in the best way,
  • To provide quality products and services that add value to our customers,
  • To ensure continuous customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers,
  • To meet the needs and expectations of the relevant parties by controlling our risks that may occur within the quality management system,
  • To ensure the happiness and motivation of the personnel,
  • To provide services in accordance with the expectations of our customers and legislation by constantly monitoring current technological practices, standards, regulations and legislation,
  • To meet the needs of our customers effectively and reliably on time,
  • To ensure their participation by sharing all our work done within the scope of the quality management system with our employees, suppliers, customers and visitors,
  • We will fulfill our customers’ wishes regarding the environment,
  • We will provide a suitable working environment by eliminating the conditions that will adversely affect occupational health and safety,



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