As the management and employees of Yüksek İnovasyon Merkezi A.Ş;

To fulfill the requirements related to Human Resources Management;

By keeping our Human Resources processes at the center of our business priorities and targets;

  • Shaping business processes within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety principles and responsibilities,
  • Providing qualified and measurable training and development opportunities to its employees for continuous improvement and development,
  • Focusing on their internal talents, their employees are respectively; Creating a training and development environment for them to realize, develop and use their potential,
  • Aiming to continuously improve and develop our human resources policy,
  • To ensure and protect equality of opportunity among our employees in every field,
  • Promoting teamwork, team spirit awareness
  • Integrating new developments into the company culture with the understanding of being open to learning,
  • Supporting the employee’s work-life balance,
  • Our Human Resources Policy has adopted the aim of creating the intellectual and creative capacity necessary for our company to continue its activities by investing in the career goals of our employees.
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