As the management and employees of Yüksek İnovasyon Merkezi A.Ş;

To realize the environmental wishes of all stakeholders;

  • We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, customer special requests and other relevant provisions,
  • We will prevent industrial pollution in all our activities, minimize pollution at its source, and encourage recycling by keeping our waste under control and minimizing it,
  • We will keep natural resource consumption (electricity, water, raw materials, fuel, etc.) under control in order to ensure sustainable resource use and we will focus on natural resources with the least environmental impact,
  • With the aim of raising environmental awareness; we will organize trainings and inform the relevant parties,
  • We will increase environmental performance by continuously improving the environmental management system,
  • To take measures to minimize the possible effects on employees and the environment in case of emergencies and accidents that may occur during our activities.


We are committed.

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