As the management and employees of Yüksek İnovasyon Merkezi A.Ş;

In these days when all individuals around the world and in our country are concentrating on the COVID-19 virus, we are managing the process by taking our measures to protect the safety and health of all our stakeholders.

In this context,

  • Negotiations with our suppliers and customers are made using technological applications.
  • All our employees have been provided with information and related trainings published by official authorities.
  • The promotional brochure about Covid-19 prepared by our Ministry of Health has been distributed to all our employees.
  • The use of disinfectants in our workshops and offices has become mandatory.
  • In cases where a meeting is required, the number of participants is carefully determined by the meeting owner, and it is avoided to organize a meeting with the number of participants that will cause close contact.
  • It is recommended not to leave the house outside of working hours, if possible, and to go out by taking the measures determined by the Ministry of Health when necessary.
  • If our employees feel any signs of illness during working hours, they should inform their manager and apply to the nearest health institution.
  • All kinds of information, instructions and practices shared by official authorities are shared with all our employees simultaneously without delay.
  • Developments will be followed in order to get through this process smoothly and as soon as possible and to protect the safety and health of our employees, customers, society, country and suppliers.

We wish you healthy days with the belief that we will overcome this process that the world and our country are going through as soon as possible…

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